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Compass Digital Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: CDAQU) is a special purpose acquisition company formed by a team of executives with deep operational and investment experience. We seek to acquire the equity interests or assets of a target company in the $1+ trillion Digital Transformation Software and Services market, and represent a committed and capable management team whose interests are aligned with those of our investors and complement the expertise of our founders.

We plan to leverage our experience, capabilities and collective networks to identify and complete our initial business combination in this industry, which is currently experiencing double-digit growth. Once we have identified a target, we will apply our comprehensive, field-tested operational playbook to accelerate value creation by organically and inorganically growing the company and supporting a high-quality management team.

While we may pursue an initial business combination target in any industry, we intend to focus our search on companies in the technology sectors, including in the Digital Transformation Software and Services sector. More specifically, we are prioritizing targets that have a disciplined cost structure with profitability from the outset, have strong prospects for future growth, are focused on business transformation and have a significant share of its customer base in developed markets.

We remain confident in the strong tailwinds behind our investment thesis and the ability of our management team and seasoned Board of Directors to drive value creation for our partners and shareholders.

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